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Full scope project

Working together is what we do best. This type of project combines expertises from all of our three departments: UX, UI and Front end development. Every project starts with a significant phase of learning: the product, the users, the workflows, the platform, the development team's capabilities and any other issue which holds significant to the success of the project.


The backbone of any successful product or system is based on solid UX process. Powered by our human factors engineers, we’ll examine users, needs, environment and context to develop the logical interface that will guide the next phases of the project (UI and Development).

The UX logical phase is divided into two main parts: Concept and Detailed Design.

  • Concept - includes the data model, the navigation and the dialog style. The concept provides a basic screen layout which is based on the information that was gathered throughout the system learning phase. In addition, it supports natural workflows of users in the system.  
  • Detailed design - once the concept has been completed, detailed design provides support for several / all screens in the system through means of wireframes. These wireframes outline the logical design of the interface and include details such as the various controls, their size, location, behaviour, etc.


Like in any project, each phase of our deliverables includes a constant feedback loop with our client which allows both sides to progress faster towards a desired solution.


The importance of the graphic phase cannot be overrated. Combining words, shapes forms and colors to communicate an idea is crucial to any successful product. Powered by our talented graphic designers, we’ll determine the colors, typography and layout to develop the visual presentation of the concept and the look and feel of your product.The UI design phase is divided into three main parts: Concept, Detailed Design and icons.

  • Concept - the Graphical concept design, sometimes called the look and feel (L&F), refers to the general look of the system, i.e. the colors, the buttons’ style, the fonts, etc. The system’s main screen (or the system’s most complicated screen) is used as a basis for the L&F design.
  • Detailed design - In this phase, our team implements the L&F from the previous phase onto the screens of the system (several / all). Deliverables of this phase usually include not just the graphic files but also an elements map which guides developers on how to implement the graphic layer correctly.   
  • Icons - the icons for the system will follow once the detailed design phase has been completed. Created from scratch, our team will develop unique icons to match the overall language of the design and according to our own methodology. The icons will be delivered in any format that suits the development environment (bmp, ico, gif, jpg, etc.).


Like in any project, each phase of our deliverables includes a constant feedback loop with our client which allows both sides to progress faster towards a desired solution.

Front End Development

This is where the efforts of previous phases comes to life. From,  JS, Es6, Html5, Css3 and TypeScript - we know how to match the right solution to the challenge at hand. The end result is intuitive systems that are able to present a complex array of data in the most user-friendly way possible.

The front end development phase is divided into six parts:

  • System design and architecture
  • GUI implementation
  • System behavior implementation
  • Data services integration
  • UT, BD and Manual QA
  • Build and deployment solution advisory
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