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Outsourcing (UX, UI, FED)

Around 10 years ago we identified a need in the market for outsourcing services and decided to build a solution that supports it. The decision came in light of the extensive experience while working with development agencies and the basic understanding that the Agile methodology benefits from UX and UI inputs within its ongoing sprints.

The process

Being the largest UX company in Israel, we are able to offer a variety of outsourcing solutions to our clients in addition to our ongoing projects. We don’t operate as a placement company but rather as a large and flexible organization that adds skilled professionals to your team while providing you full flexibility in placement format and schedule.

From part time to a full time positions and up to setting up entire teams onsite, we match our experts to your company’s needs while we continue to provide ongoing training and support through monthly company meetings and ongoing updates. In the vast majority of cases we also assign a senior expert that follows through the entire outsourcing term and provides each one of our talents advice and guidance when complex challenges arise.  This entire setup ensure a tight cooperation between both sides and preserves the quality of the service we aim to provide.

From fast pacing startups to large enterprises, we believe outsourcing is for everyone - it’s only a matter of timing and need. Some of our happy clients include:  C4, Microsoft, Percepto, SAP, Bank Hapoalim and more.

These are just some of the benefits of using our outsourcing service:

  • Meeting all design requirements, as defined by the company.
  • Assimilation of UCD (user centered design) methodology into the development process.
  • Support of shorter and more efficient workflows, by improving or redesigning system overall concept.
  • Providing long term support, based on a profound familiarity with the organization, products, and users.
  • Gradual formation of internal UI standards - large organizations often engage in constant development of new systems, or versions of an existing system. Creation of organizational guidelines enables the following:
    • Shortens both design and development processes.
    • Creates a benchmark for user friendly applications, both for organization members, and sub contractors.
    • Enables reuse of GUI and graphic elements.
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