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Prototyping & illustrative animations - 90 min

Building a prototype is an important step in product development in general and user interface in particular. Among other things, the following topics will be presented:

  • What part does the prototype takes within the UX working process
  • Requirements from a prototyping tool
  • Review of existing tools and methods
  • Prototyping with powerpoint
  • Demonstration of movement and animations in an interface

Axure - 60 min

  • What is Axure? Overview and unique capabilities
  • Comparing capabilities and deliverables to PowerPoint
  • Demonstrating use and prototype creation in Axure
  • When to use Axure, how to integrate with PowerPoint
  • Tips and working methods

Forms: Desktop and Mobile - 60 min

  • Forms design
  • Feed components, validation, feedback and error handling

Usability testing - 60 min

  • Usability Test - Why do we need it?
  • How to perform and how to analyze its results
  • Different methods for carrying out usability testing
  • At what stage of the project to perform usability testing

UX of the future - 45 min

  • What will the interfaces look like in the near future? Exploring innovative interfaces
  • Various applications and products to stimulate thought and creativity
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